Starting again…..

So here I am again, going back to basics after putting in 4lb in group tonight. I missed group for 2 weeks and it’s gone all wrong.

So another 12 week countdown bought and journal to write everything down…..

I’ve been looking at motivational quotes and success stories, this really does help me get back on track.

Let’s stay on track, keep up the healthy eating and I’ve been going swimming in the morning so I’ll be keeping up with that too!!

Happy eating everyone!!!


Everything is shouting……

I’m trying to resist snacking, the other half has left one pack of crisps he brought home from work on the table and they’re calling me……

I didn’t buy anything snacky in our weekly shop this week, it’s killing me but it’s best thing I’ve done. 

I’m on my 2nd cup of tea to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner, and for people who know they know drinking tea is very unlike me!!

Anything that passes my mouth this week is being written down, back to basics. πŸ˜€πŸŽπŸ‰

Need to up my game…..

So this week I’m going to actually do some exercise, the workout I do at the moment is walk the dogs and that’s generally just a stroll not exactly calorie burning!

I’ve done a few searches on you tube and found some beginners videos and made a playlist, from tomorrow evening I’ll do a 25 minute workout each evening!

I’ve been hovering around the 1stone loss mark for about 12 weeks, feeling a little frustrated!! I’ve been and bought SW meals to have on the nights my other half stays in the lorry so I don’t go off plan on the nights I don’t feel like cooking just for me!

Will give you an update later in the week, so fingers crossed for weigh in on Thursday 🀞

Woohoo!! Back to a stone loss!

I’m so happy tonight πŸ˜€, 3lb loss which takes me back to a stone lost.

I have really stuck at this week, I needed to and it’s definitely paid off. So not buying any snacks in this weeks shop again.

I literally stuck to my 3 meals a day plan with fruit snacks in between πŸŽπŸ‰πŸπŸ‡

So same this week and get another good loss to get me on way again!!

Have a good week everyone πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

1/2 lb down….

I am going to be honest I was a little disappointed leaving group tonight with 1/2 lb loss. But I got reminded by James my lovely other half that it’s a loss, and it’s going the right way!!

I do still have a few lbs to go to get back to where I was before Bank Holiday but its going just slowly!

Less snacks have been added to the shopping list week as I think this where I’m falling down, main meals are good so no more eating little chocolates.

This wee I’m aiming for a 2lb loss!!!

On plan for 3 whole days!

Definitely back on it this week, lets hope it’s all worth it and I see a loss on Thursday. I’ve stuck to my meal plans, and eaten plenty of fruit in between for snacks.

I’ve actually seen a big difference in myself in just three days, maybe not in the mirror but definitely an overall feeling of being healthier, not feeling bloated and already my skin is improving.

Have a good week everyone!!!

Off track for a while……but I’m back on it!!!

I’ve been quiet for a little while now, life has got in the way unfortunately but I’m back and need to spend some time to think about myself and what I want!!!

So I have been weighing in over the last few weeks, they’ve been mostly gains! Probably another reason why I’ve been quiet but I set this up so I could talk about how I was feeling etc. so I need to start talking about my journey each week again, whether bad or good.

I’ve made a meal plan for the week, and I have no plans this week that should be a problem!! My only downfall would be me not sticking to plan, so time to buck up my ideas and do it!

My aim for this week is a 2lb loss!!

Progress update + 30th birthday week ahead

Woohoo!! 1.5lb loss this week which takes me to my stone award, I am so happy as wanted to hit at least a stone before my birthday.

Sooooo I am going to be 30 on Saturday, but this shouldn’t stop me from losing again this week. Yes I do have some meals out but as long as stick to plan for the rest of the meals I should least maintain but hoping for a loss.

I’m going for a Chinese buffet on Saturday, yum yum. Home to Wales on Sunday for a relaxing spa/night at a local hotel, this includes a 2 course meal so I will absolutely enjoy and food optimise the rest of the time and of course plenty of swimming and maybe the gym, but we’ll see if my gym clothes get pack haha!!

I’m so looking forward to my long weekend.

Good luck to everyone else this week!!

Progress update week 9

A bit late doing an update but here it is, I am so happy a loss of 3lb last Thursday. so I’m now only 1lb from my 1 stone award.

I am going for it this week so while sat in group listening to all the food ideas going round I was making my plan for the week. So far I’ve kept to plan so fingers crossed it has helped.

I’ve still got a long way to go to get to my final target but I’m slowly but surely getting there, I’ve kept the momentum up and have lost most weeks. By now I would’ve given up and fallen back into my old ways, I’m even not using Thursday weigh in as a treat night like I used to.

I make sure I have low syn treats in the house so if I do fancy that sweet treat, I can.

Good luck everyone on their own journey πŸ™‚