Woohoo!! Back to a stone loss!

I’m so happy tonight 😀, 3lb loss which takes me back to a stone lost.

I have really stuck at this week, I needed to and it’s definitely paid off. So not buying any snacks in this weeks shop again.

I literally stuck to my 3 meals a day plan with fruit snacks in between 🍎🍉🍍🍇

So same this week and get another good loss to get me on way again!!

Have a good week everyone 😀😀


Progress update + 30th birthday week ahead

Woohoo!! 1.5lb loss this week which takes me to my stone award, I am so happy as wanted to hit at least a stone before my birthday.

Sooooo I am going to be 30 on Saturday, but this shouldn’t stop me from losing again this week. Yes I do have some meals out but as long as stick to plan for the rest of the meals I should least maintain but hoping for a loss.

I’m going for a Chinese buffet on Saturday, yum yum. Home to Wales on Sunday for a relaxing spa/night at a local hotel, this includes a 2 course meal so I will absolutely enjoy and food optimise the rest of the time and of course plenty of swimming and maybe the gym, but we’ll see if my gym clothes get pack haha!!

I’m so looking forward to my long weekend.

Good luck to everyone else this week!!

Progress update week 9

A bit late doing an update but here it is, I am so happy a loss of 3lb last Thursday. so I’m now only 1lb from my 1 stone award.

I am going for it this week so while sat in group listening to all the food ideas going round I was making my plan for the week. So far I’ve kept to plan so fingers crossed it has helped.

I’ve still got a long way to go to get to my final target but I’m slowly but surely getting there, I’ve kept the momentum up and have lost most weeks. By now I would’ve given up and fallen back into my old ways, I’m even not using Thursday weigh in as a treat night like I used to.

I make sure I have low syn treats in the house so if I do fancy that sweet treat, I can.

Good luck everyone on their own journey 🙂