Off track for a while……but I’m back on it!!!

I’ve been quiet for a little while now, life has got in the way unfortunately but I’m back and need to spend some time to think about myself and what I want!!!

So I have been weighing in over the last few weeks, they’ve been mostly gains! Probably another reason why I’ve been quiet but I set this up so I could talk about how I was feeling etc. so I need to start talking about my journey each week again, whether bad or good.

I’ve made a meal plan for the week, and I have no plans this week that should be a problem!! My only downfall would be me not sticking to plan, so time to buck up my ideas and do it!

My aim for this week is a 2lb loss!!


Progress Update week 8

So I didn’t have the best week, I put on 2lb.

I know exactly what happened so it’s not a surprise, I had a bad Monday evening where I just couldn’t stop snacking followed by pancake night, I didn’t do SW friendly ones and even added plenty of Nutella.

All day on Thursday I had full intentions of coming home after weigh in and finishing off the Nutella, but instead I did 10 minutes on the bike. My plan this week is to do SP, hoping of a bit of a weight loss boost this week as I really want to get to my one stone award.

Wish me luck!!

Progress update – a good week!

Woohoo!! I am very happy with a 2lb loss this week which takes me to 12lb lost over 7 weeks.

It’s been a good week, I’ve eaten more speed food, mainly veg. Love carrots and sprouts so have kept it simple this week with meat, veg and sweet potato mash meals. Weetabix (HeB) and semi skimmed milk (HeA) for breakfast most days with a ham omelette and spaghetti hoops on the weekend. 

I did have one day where I slipped up, I just felt hungry and wanted to pick so ended up inhale 24 syns on that day. But it just shows that one bad day out of 7 doesn’t have to be a disaster!

So my aim for this week is another 2lb off to get my one stone award, so let’s do it!!